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Power Purchase Agreement


PVSI to provide business customers with a free, fully maintained solar PV system via our power purchase agreement (PPA). PVSI fund the entire installation of a commercial solar PV system allowing potential clients business to reap the benefits of solar PV whilst preserving their capital. Optional buy back would potentially be something offered - The potential Client uses provided capital to start their clean energy journey and sometime down the line, when the timing is right, buy the system back from PVSI – if they choose.

What Is A Power Purchase Agreement?

A solar power purchase agreement is a financing arrangement that allows businesses, government agencies and educational institutions to purchase solar electricity with no upfront capital cost. You rent your roof and buy the discounted solar electricity rather than investing in a solar PV system of your own. A PPA offers an effective means to reaping the benefits of solar PV without having to take on the responsibilities of being a solar system owner-operator. A PPA also satisfies companies that prefer to reinvest their funds into core businesses activities. Underpinned by long-term, proactive operation and maintenance activities, PVSI ensure your system performs in line with expectations and delivers the forecasted savings not just today, but for at least the next 25 years

How a solar PPA works?

Keeping the process simple, transparent and hassle-free.

  • PVSI assess the potential of your roof and gather data regarding your current electricity usage and pricing
  • PVSI provide you with a proposal demonstrating the financial savings and carbon reduction forecasts
  • You agree to lease the airspace above your roof to us and enter into a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)
  • PVSI install the solar PV system with minimal disruption to your business
  • You enjoy reduced electricity bills for c.25 years with no maintenance costs and worry-free operation of the system
  • After 25 years, ownership of the system transfers to you to enjoy free solar PV electricity for the remainder of the system life – c. another 10 years

Established in 2018, PV Solar Ireland has become an industry leader in the Commercial solar PV energy industry. Continually employing the most innovative and market leading technologies, we work tirelessly to determine the most energy efficient and cost-effective solution for your business.

Liam Hickey

Managing Director

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