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Solar panel operations and maintenance

PV Solar Ireland are a trusted solar panel operations and maintenance partner for a wide range of businesses Ireland. We offer both reactive and preventative maintenance for commercial energy systems and often undertake servicing and repairs for clients with solar PV systems installed by other contractors.

Each project we install will require a different level of operations and maintenance, however, we will discuss this with you as part of your project schedule and can tailor a package to suit your business requirements.

We also suggest a solar panel monitoring solution to ensure your system is operating to maximum performance all year round.

Protecting your solar panel system

Your commercial solar panel system is designed to require very little maintenance and to run productively for many years. However, as with any complex electrical equipment, issues which were not envisaged such as the environment, third party interference or component failure can cause unforeseen problems. Over time, system faults, damage caused by pests or component issues such as an inverter failure can lead to a loss of energy generation; potentially costing your business €1,000’s in the long-term.

We recommend that you periodically check your equipment, including your inverter for the obvious signs of faults and monitor your production to ensure you don’t lose out on your valuable income and savings.

We advise that your solar panel system undergoes a professional maintenance visit once a year as outlined below. This will help to identify any intermittent faults that you may have missed and safeguard your equipment against possible breakdowns. It will also help to uphold any warranties on the equipment you have purchased.

What can the solar panel system owner do?

There are some simple steps that the solar panel system owner can take to give your PV system the best chance of performing well and meeting your objectives. These include:

  • Make a visual check of solar modules from ground level (check for slipped modules, damage, soiling etc)
  • Make a visual check of inverter where safe access (check for indication of fault or damage)
  • Check that meter recorded generation is increasing
  • Make a visual check for signs of structural distress (particularly after heavy winter snow)
  • Reduce shading from vegetation growth where possible

We can help tailor a package to your business requirements; please contact our team for more information.

Phone No: +353 (01) 962 9854

Email: info@pvsolarireland.com

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Annual preventative maintenance solar panel system inspection visit

Our annual solar panel system inspection and service aims to highlight any issues, prevent future problems and ensures that your equipment operates safely, efficiently and to optimum performance. Inspection includes:

  • Functional check of AC & DC isolators, and for damage and ingress
  • Check of DC junction boxes where present for damage and ingress
  • Check for integrity of fuses and surge protectors where present
  • Check that inverter(s) remain mounted securely
  • Check that inverter(s) remain ventilated with unobstructed airflow, fans are operating etc
  • Check that inverter(s) are free of signs of water or other ingress (especially those externally mounted)
  • Check the contents of inverter fault log(s)
  • Check AC voltage at inverter(s) and assess risk of over voltage
  • Test DC circuits (inc. Vsc, lsc, Earth leakage)
  • Check that all labelling & signage remains present and correct
  • Check that the emergency shutdown procedure remains visible
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Optional solar panel system checks

In addition to the checks we recommend above, we can also carry out the following enhanced checks, subject to the requirement for access and other equipment and resources:

  • Check that DC connectors remain secure, free from damage, and supported away from pooling water
  • Check that cables remain adequately supported and are free from damage
  • Check that module clamps remain secure by testing torque of a random sample
  • Check that mounting rails remain secure and free of distortion (Including fixing brackets)
  • Test string series resistance
  • Test string insulation resistance (Riso)
  • Test Potential Induced Degradation (PID)
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Additional services

We can also carry out a range of additional services, such as array cleaning, and can recommend third party pest removal and exclusion contractors – please contact our team for further information


The frequency recommended with any of these services is linked to your own corporate appetite for risk, and that of your insurers or compliance team, but we recommend a minimum of annual inspection for some items, biennial for others, and as required for the rest. The exception to this is the AC electrical element of your system, which will be subject to the requirements of the current National wiring regulations, and again, we can help with that.

Commercial solar PV system repairs

In the event of an inverter failure, system fault or loss of generation, PV Solar Ireland offers a call out service for fault investigation and repairs. This service is available for both PV Solar Ireland customers and third party installations:

  • Replace AC or DC isolator
  • Re-set tripped MCB
  • Replace faulty or undersized MCB
  • Re-connect monitoring hardware to Wi-Fi or bluetooth
  • Inverter swap (inverter replaced under manufacturer’s warranty)
  • Optimiser swap (optimiser replaced under manufacturer’s warranty)

Proactive Solar panel performance monitoring

We can offer a proactive online monitoring service for commercial solar panel systems, saving solar PV system owner-operators time, effort & money.

For a nominal fee our Solar Technicians can closely monitor your PV systems’ data to benchmark against our portfolio of local installations, identify any shortfalls in performance and produce a monthly report so that you can have peace of mind that your system is generating the maximum return on investment. (The frequency of our log in and reporting detail can be set for the monitoring contract period). Proactive monitoring also helps to identify any potential generation issues before they become bigger, more expensive problems.

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