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Commercial & Industrial PV Design And Installation



As the price of electricity continues to rise each year, many businesses are seeking long-term alternatives to reduce their electricity costs. Clean solar energy from the utilization of roof parallel, flat roof and ground mounted PV systems are a great alternative to drawing power from the electric grid and saves businesses substantially in the long run while also benefiting the environment.

  • Cost Savings
  • Sustainability
  • Energy Independence
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Award winning team

PV Solar Ireland is a well-established solar company in both C&I and Domestic solar design and installation. We can provide a one stop solution to ensure a fluid solar PV experience from feasibility study, detail design, right through installation to final commissioning.

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Easy Installation

We have installed solar systems for a wide range of Companies across all industry sectors and we can assist you at any stage of your Solar PV journey. Our team remains at your service even after the installation, offering maintenance, upgrades and consultations to optimize your solar setup continuously.

Feasibility and high-level review

Desktop survey of your facility

  • Online review of roof and open ground areas to access orientation and suitability.
  • Ascertain site capacity and collate billing information.
  • Run simulations for optimum areas, existing site capacity and usage profile.
  • Generate report outlining expected generation, estimated costs together with expected IRR’s and payback.

Feasibility reporting will give you all the information you need to make an informed decision as to whether a solar installation is practically and financially viable.

Detail Design

Professional in-depth site survey

  • Accurate measure of the roof surfaces, makeup, slope and orientation.
  • Visual inspection of roof integrity by construction professional.
  • Assess wiring & containment requirements.

Assess your actual consumption profile through billing or MRSO data.

Create detailed simulation data of your PV system using PV Sol design software (industries leading PV Solar Design software). This software uses the most up to date climate data for your systems geographical location to produce a monthly energy output and provides a real-world representation of the shading from surrounding objects.

Size the most economically advantageous and appropriate system based on your needs.

  • Tier 1 panels with industry leading efficiencies
  • Market leading inverters with proven track record

We can help tailor a package to your business requirements; please contact our team for more information.

Networks liaison
  • We will deal with ESB Networks on your behalf on all connection issues.
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Installation and Commissioning
  • Highly trained, fully certified electricians, solar technicians and roofers
  • Installed to exceed SEAI and industry standards
  • Full RAMS and safety documentation
  • Swift non-intrusive installation
  • Commissioning to latest Inverter technology by industry leading engineers
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Monitoring, operation and maintenance

Our relationship with you doesn’t end after installation, we offer a comprehensive solar PV system monitoring, operation and maintenance service to ensure your solar panels continue to perform for the duration of their lifetime.

We offer a range of O&M services and can tailor a package to your specific needs. From a simple panel clean to proactive monitoring, we will help you to safeguard your equipment against possible faults and ultimately protect your investment. For more information, visit our Operation & Maintenance section.

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They were fantastic through the entire purchase process. Had lots of ask and they were patient. When my system arrived

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