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About Us

Provide Solar Panels And Renewable Energy Products.

Our team has multiple years of experience in the PV Solar, mech/elec and construction industry. Each discipline contributing their own unique technical acumen and skill set.

We are involved in the design and delivery of both medium to large scale solar PV Systems.

Irrespective of the scale, we are committed to working with you until we achieve the most cost-effective highly efficient energy providing solution.

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Liam Hickey

Managing Director & CEO

Liam Hickey is the Managing Director of PV Solar Ireland, drawing upon over two decades of experience and a proven track record of success in leading companies in related industries. He leads the company, guiding it towards sustainable expansion. With a BA (Hons) in Business Management and a strong background in Electrical & Instrumentation, he possesses a solid foundation for venturing into the dynamic world of renewable energy.

Liam is a versatile leader, crafting and executing PV Solar Ireland's growth strategy. He excels at recognizing opportunities within the ever-evolving renewable energy landscape. Liam's visionary leadership propels the company into a frontrunner position in the commercial rooftop solar and renewables sector, fostering an environment that thrives on innovation and sustainability.

His commitment extends to building a skilled and motivated team vital for success in the emerging renewable energy sector. Leadership development and mentorship are integral aspects of the corporate culture he promotes to attract and retain top talent.

Liam's influence encompasses every facet of PV Solar Ireland's operations, ensuring alignment of strategic planning, financial prudence, and unwavering commitment to safety and quality. Under his guidance, the company consistently surpasses Key Performance Indicators, advancing PV Solar Ireland's status.

Liam actively fosters robust, enduring relationships with clients and partners, aligning with the company's vision for sustainable growth and expansion.

In his role as the head of PV Solar Ireland, Liam is not merely a manager but a forward-thinking CEO. He is driven to envision, strategize, and steer the company towards unparalleled growth and a prominent position within the emerging renewable energy market. His active engagement across various business functions guarantees that PV Solar Ireland remains nimble and ready for significant expansion and achievement.

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Noel Conroy

Tendering & Commercial Management

Noel with over 20 years’ experience of the Construction Industry in multiple organisations as Quantity Surveyor, Contracts Manager and Managing Director brings a wealth of design & build organisational and financial control acumen to the project team

The multi-disciplined organisation skills gained, will enable Noel to manage the co-ordination and symmetry of design, procurement, installation, and commissioning of Solar PV sites to the required standard, on time and within budget. Noel has over 5 years’ direct solar experience on both domestic and commercial projects.

He has participated in multiple training courses on solar equipment and design and achieved a distinction in QQ1 Level 6 Solar Photovoltaic Systems Implementation.

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Justin Gilmartin

Director of PV Solar Ireland

With over 8 years of experience in the solar business, Justin Gilmartin is an influential figure in the renewable energy sector. As the Director of PV Solar Ireland, he spearheads the company's business development initiatives, ensuring sustainable growth and heightened visibility in the marketplace.

Having worked on an impressive portfolio of solar projects, Justin's expertise spans from large-scale endeavors with capacities exceeding 120 MWp to smaller domestic installations throughout Ireland. His comprehensive understanding of the sector, combined with his commitment to innovation, has positioned him as a trusted leader in the industry.

Raised in rural Co. Sligo as part of the local farming community, Justin has an innate comprehension of how personal and important farm land is to every farmer. This understanding, combined with his academic background in Property Economics, has proved instrumental in helping spearhead rural solar development, despite the myriad stakeholders involved in these projects.

Today, he resides in Dublin, where he continues to champion the adoption of solar energy and its pivotal role in a sustainable future.

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Frank Donnelly

Senior Consultant Engineer & Battery Storage Expert

Frank Donnelly, holding a BEng in Civil Engineering, has been a pivotal force behind significant infrastructure projects across the UK, Ireland, and the Middle East. In the renewable energy sector, his accomplishments are particularly remarkable.

Frank has collaborated with funds like OBTON and Shannon Energy in the construction of several large-scale solar farms. Additionally, his partnership with CTIEC, based in Shanghai, China, further underscores his contribution to the global solar infrastructure, including the standout 40-megawatt PV solar farm in Scunthorpe.

With collaborations spanning from European funds like OBTON to Shanghai's CTIEC, Frank's expertise and global network highlight his dedication to advancing sustainable energy solutions on an international stage.